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Big Island Family Medicine consists of a husband and wife team of doctors who have expanded into laser aesthetics. Our services span tattoo removal and hair reduction to name a few. And we are now incorporating shockwave therapy using the most dynamic, advanced, and innovative techniques in the field to address erectile dysfunction. Our expertise and approach has worked for patients for many years, as well as the future years to come.

Dr. Salcedo

Family Medicine in Hilo, Hawaii

Family medicine is centered on delivering comprehensive care to patients of all ages. Family medicine physicians are often the first providers that patients see when they experience medical concerns or issues..

Dr. Daniel Naysan, DDS

A Full Spectrum of Medical Services

Accommodating All Patients and Families

The best medical services and treatment are expected in a facility with excellent leadership, vision, and compassion. At Big Island Family Medicine, we make sure to treat every patient like a family member. From individuals, athletes, families , and more, our medical services have delivered substantial and positive results to many types of patients. Become part of our family!



Big Island Family Medicine understands the value of a care plan that is comprehensive, engaging, and tailored to fit the needs of patients. Our principles of delivering fantastic care are applied to each of our service areas, including laser hair removal, ringside physician services, tattoo removal, acne treatment, and more.

Our licensed ringside physicians utilize the best standards and practices in combat sports safety to protect fighters and ensure their well-being through the course of their career.

Through the application of advanced laser technology, laser hair removal works to thin unwanted hair follicles and prevent them from growing back.

Laser tattoo removal breaks down ink particles and effectively reduces their appearance. Ths new technology makes this process much easier than in the past.

Our family physicians provide compassionate care in these areas: internal medicine, psychiatry, surgery, and community medicine.

Viora V-IPL laser delivers cutting edge aesthetic skin treatments and can be applied to patients of any skin type.

State-of-art laser systems for acne treatment can help address acne breakouts and prevent the scars they leave behind.

Erectile Dysfunction

ANDRIZO™ by Zimmer Technology

If you’re looking for a painless, non-invasive way to treat erectile dysfunction, Big Island Family Medicine can help. Zimmer’s GentlePro shockwave system can deliver longer, stronger erections with just a few treatments.

GentlePro by Zimmer is a handpiece that delivers radial pulses of RF energy (radio waves) to the penis. The handpiece is run over the shaft of the penis as well as the genital area.

The pulses stimulate the formation of new blood vessels (neoangiogenesis) and the enlargement of existing ones. The end result is more blood flowing to the penis, which creates stronger and longer erections.

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Our modern office is equipped with the most advanced technology on the market, assuring patients that they are provided treatment of the highest standards and level of compassion.
















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Our office in Hilo, Hawaii is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service in family medicine and aesthetics for patients within and beyond the community.

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