When mixed martial artist steps into the cage, they risk great danger to life and limb. Even though professional fighters spend their lives training to avoid injury, fights can be messy and unpredictable. Concussions, broken bones, chipped or cracked teeth: they can all happen in an instant.

That’s where a Mixed Martial Arts physician comes in. This medical specialty is dedicated to the care of those who participate in combat sports. There are only a few hundred licensed mixed martial arts physicians in the world, which is why Big Island Family Medicine is all the more proud that both our doctors, Dr. Gina Marie Salcedo is licensed, with a special emphasis on caring for MMA fighters.

What Services Do MMA Physicians Provide?

Mixed Martial Arts physicians provide specialized services in and out of the ring. Every official fight will have an MMA physician standing by to provide whatever care is needed. Physicians also see fighters in their practice for checkups and treatment of injuries. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Concussion treatment
  • Screening for blood-borne infectious diseases
  • Professional medical advice and checkups for fighters, including weight management, instruction in proper use of headgear and mouth guards, and safety recommendations
  • Medical clearance for fighters

Most importantly, MMA physicians understand the stress that professional combat sports puts on the human body, as well as common patterns of injuries. Their expertise ensures that professional and amateur fighters are in good hands.

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