There are many reasons why you might want to remove a tattoo. Maybe the design was done badly, it’s starting to fade, it’s an image or quote that no longer represents you, or you’re just tired of having a tattoo.

In any case, removing a tattoo has become much easier with the advent of laser technology. Lasers break down the particles of ink that make up tattoos, and can often erase them completely. Visit Big Island Family Medicine for tattoo removal in Hilo.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Each laser pulse is calibrated for a specific color of tattoo ink. Once it reaches a precise frequency, the laser shatters the particles of tattoo ink, which are then absorbed by your body’s immune system. The result is a gradual lightening of the tattoo, similar to the natural fading process over time, but greatly accelerated.

The technology is steadily improving. Where once, only one color could be removed at a time, now tattoo removal machines come equipped with multiple lasers, each of which can be programmed for a different color.

Still, there are limitations to the process. Some colors, such as dark blue and black, are much easier to erase than light, pastel colors such as green and yellow. The amount of sessions required to remove your tattoo depends on the tattoo’s size, color, and location. Multiple sessions are usually required, spaced several weeks apart to allow time for your skin to heal.

Topical anesthetic or a chilling agent can be applied to make the treatment more comfortable. Patients are recommended to treat the affected skin area gently, staying out of the skin and keeping it moisturized, to aid the healing process and prevent scarring.

Big Island Family Medicine offers effective laser tattoo removal. Please call our office and press option 3 to connect to our aesthetics department.